A little about my Journey

I am passionate about helping individuals declutter and organize their homes. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment when I help my clients find the calm space they dream of.

I have a graduate diploma in Management, and my background is in Six Sigma, Lean Quality and Workforce Management for organizations. I have worked for several different types of organizations but wanted my own business. I have been putting organizing solutions in place for over 20 years but never thought of turning it into a business. I established my business from my in-residence class on entrepreneurship in my MBA program at Athabasca University. We did an assignment about our dream business to start. Mine was a professional organizing business. My kids helped me develop the business name, but I didn’t start immediately. In 2019, we had a major flood in our home. Our family had to move into several temporary locations while our house was renovated. To manage this disruption in our lives, we needed to stay organized. I put together systems that let us move our belongings quickly from place to place. Our home was finally finished in 2021. I started this business to help others get organized. I trained as a professional organizer and registered with the Professional Organizers in Canada. I enjoy assisting others in meeting their goals. I am here to help you get organized.

The Organization Pros Inc.

Email: info@theorganization.ca

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