Drawer Organizers

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These drawer organizers make it easy to keep any kitchen, bathroom or desk drawer organized and simple to maintain. The clear plastic edges keep the space looking modern and uncluttered.  The clear design makes it easy to find what you are looking for.  Clear drawer organizers can be used in so many areas of the home.   Storing your paperclips in the office to utensils in the kitchen, they are versatile in meeting your needs.  Our drawer organizers come in many shapes so that you can fit them in different size drawers.     

Furthermore, the dark grey rubber in the bottoms makes it easy to find things and simple to clean. The non-slip bottoms also make it easy to keep things right where you’d like them!  Check out all of the various sizes and shapes of our drawer organizers. They coordinate perfectly with one another to create your custom organization in any drawer. It is great for the Kitchen, Bathroom, Pantry, Office, and Laundry Room organization.


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Large Skinny Rectangle, Large Square, Medium Rectangle, Medium Skinny Rectangle, Small Square, XL Rectangle


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